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This site was constructed using information from :

  • The book titled « Le couteau et son histoire » written for the 100th anniversary of Victorinox

  • The book " Deux millénaires de couteaux pliants " by Horst A. Brunner

  • The book "Le couteau du soldat suisse" by Thierry Deladoey

  • The free encyclopédia WIKIPEDIA

  • Documents on the internet mainly from the site Les couteaux de l'armée suisse

  • Documents supplied by M. Pierre Mérinat, Cutlery, 1969 St-Martin VS

  • Documents supplied by M. René Schläpfer from Gebertingen

  • Documents supplied by M. Stefan Schober from Hünenberg

  • Documents supplied by M. Christoph Gobetti from Hirschthal

  • Documents supplied by M. Pierre-Henri Marin from Vernier

  • Documents supplied by M. Gérard Borgognon

  • Discussions with other collectors


The photographs are of knives from my collection unless the source is indicated.


This site is far from complete; there are some variants that are certainly missing, some manufacturers of which we are unaware, or some inadvertent errors. If you see an error or have a Swiss soldier’s knife, which is not referenced in this site, please contact Robert Moix. After contacting me please send detailed photographs of any unreferenced knife. After verification of the information the site will be rapidly updated.



A big thank you to everybody who supplied the documentation for this site and to all those who can give me information to complete the site and correct any possible errors. Please use the contact form.

Thanks to Alan Etherington, from Pully, for the English translation.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Figuet, who has helped me redesign this site to make it more attractive, convivial and user friendly.


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