Finally the 2008 model…

End 2007 the Swiss army announces its intention to buy a new model of its knife, better suited to current needs. Following some controversy the tender being placed on the global market, ultimately Victorinox wins the contract.

Thus the new "2008 Model" is now part of the Swiss Army equipment, however, it is actually only put into service from 2009.

2008 Model

The new "2008 Model" brings major changes to the long line of Swiss Army soldier’s knives. It is 18mm longer than its predecessor, reaching 111mm. It has green-khaki and black anti-slip bi-material sides, it has a large serrated blade intended for one-handed opening. Its bottle opener, with a large screwdriver, and its large blade are self-locking and, furthermore, it has two brand new tools, a Philips screwdriver and a wood saw. For the other tools only the tin opener with its small screwdriver remains the same, all the other tools (large blade, large screwdriver, awl and bottle opener with large screwdriver) have new features.