Swiss Army Soldier's Knives

This section attempts to present all the currently known models of the Swiss Army Soldier’s Knives. The various details, information, sketches and photographs submitted should, in principle, allow a rapid and formal identification of the Swiss soldier’s knife, its manufacturer, its model, possible variant, its vintage etc.


To become familiar with some technical terms, the detailed anatomy of the Swiss soldier’s knife is shown below :


Anatomy of a Swiss soldier’s knife


From the "1908 Model" onwards we find that for a specific model there are several "Variants" with notable differences.

To facilitate identification, we have decided to divide the specific models into “Categories” where each category has significant physical or mechanical differences, such as the presence or absence of rivets, eyelets, colour or handle material, modification of tools etc.

Then each category is subdivided into “Variants” which are differentiated by small items such as the acceptance control “W-K” stamp, its position or a difference in the colour of the coat of arms etc.


Despite the care taken in the preparation of these documents, duplication of information and the various experiences of collectors, there may exist some errors, inaccuracies and omissions.

If this is the case please contact Robert Moix so that he can take the necessary corrective action.


Most of the documents which follow have been compiled (with permission) from the book (bilingual French and English) "Le couteau du soldat suisse" by Thierry Deladoey and with the help of several avid collectors of Swiss soldier’s knives.

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