The eyelets

Evolution des oeillets

The eyelets, present on all variants of the "1951 Models" and up to variant 5 of the "1961 Models" were designed so the knife could be used as a plumb-bob by introducing a string.

The Swiss Army requested this modification, to determine the aiming angle when using the assault rifle "FASS 57" as a grenade launcher.


Tir de grenade au FASS 57 et utilisGrenade launcher FASS 57 and the soldier’s knife as a plumb-bob (*)


When the Swiss Army adopted the new FASS 90 rifle the eyelet became redundant, it was abandoned on variants 6 and 7 of the "1961 Models".

(*) Source :


The new tools of the 2008 Models

To meet new needs and technological developments, the Swiss Army requested that the "2008 Models" be equipped with two new tools :

  • A wood saw.
  • A Philips screwdriver.

Note that these tools had been fitted for quite some time on some “Officier suisses” models.


Wood saw


Philips screwdriver


The blades

Evolution of blades


The screwdrivers

Evolution of the screwdrivers


The can openers

Evolution of the can openers


Opening a tin can with the 1951 Model


The awls

Evolution of the awls