1890 Models

The "1890 Models" have no variants to differentiate major technical or mechanical details as they were all made according to the same plan.

However, a knife from one manufacturer to another may show some inaccuracies due to manufacturing techniques and the lack of mastering mass production at the time. The exact rivet locations, the tension and model of blade springs, the exact dimensions of tools and blades, the sides, etc. may vary slightly making it virtually impossible to interchange parts and hamper restoration work.


PDF document, a copy of the plan for the Model 1890 soldier’ knife


All these knives have wooden sides (ebony or blackened oak), a steel blade, 100mm length (knife closed), a thickness of 20.5mm, 144gm weight and no vintage mark on the blade (this appeared in 1921).

They are all stamped with a Swiss cross on the handle which indicates “Waffenkontrolle” (acceptance test). But the place and direction of the stamp varies from knife to knife.

These knives are the first folding knives manufactured for the Swiss army.


 1890 ModelWaffenkontrolle (1890 to 1900)









Note that the same “Waffenkontrolle” stamp was in force from 1890 to 1914.