1901 Models blade markings

We have identified half a dozen different Swiss and German manufacturers for "1901 Models" and like the previous model it is possible we will discover others over time.



     D. Pères Solingen


D. Pères - Solingen


     Elsener Schwyz


Elsener - Schwyz


   Coutellerie Suisse

   Courtetelle (P.Boéchat)

Coutellerie Suisse - Courtetelle  (P. Boéchat)


     J. Pfenninger

     Wetikon a/see

J. Pfennninger Wetikon a/See


   Forges de Vallorbe

   L+C (Leresche et Co)

Forges de Vallorbe L + C  (Leresche et Co)


     Stadler Zug


Stadler - Zug