Of note

  • The Swiss Army soldier’s knife never has a corkscrew.
  • In 2005 following financial difficulties which started in 2001, Wenger was acquired by its rival Victorinox, Wenger still carries on its activities under its own trademark. According to Victorinox, the objective of this acquisition was to prevent this great cutler falling into foreign hands thus avoiding the risk of undermining the worldwide reputation of the excellence of Swiss cutlery.
  • Victorinox is the only brand available for the new 2008 model.
  • In January 2013 Carl Elsener, head of Victorinox, stated in the Tribune de Genève the end of knives marketed under the Wenger, brand, they would soon be integrated into the Victorinox brand. This integration would eliminate duplicate products and present a clear picture to the customer. It appears that only Wenger knives will be incorporated into the Victorinox brand, Wenger watches and other licensed products will still be marketed under the same brand..

  PDF document – Tribune de Genève article of 30th January 2013.



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