1890 Models blade markings

For "1890 Models" we have listed approximately ten different manufacturers... And it is possible we will discover even more !

Most of these manufacturers were Swiss, but the Swiss manufacturers could not meet alone the needs of mass production. So the Swiss army also uses German cutleries, mainly from Solingen.


     Wester & Co


Wester & Co Solingen


     Elsener Schwyz


Elsener - Schwyz


   Coutellerie Suisse

   Courtetelle (P.Boéchat)

Coutellerie Suisse - Courtetelle  (P. Boéchat)


     D. Pères


D. Pères - Solingen


   Forges de Vallorbe

   L+C (Leresche et Co)

Forges de Vallorbe L + C  (Leresche et Co)


     Stadler Zug


Stadler - Zug


   J. Pfenninger

   Wetikon a/see

J. Pfennninger Wetikon a/See




Sollberger Morges


     Jacquet Roche


Jacquet Roche


     C. Wermuth


C. Wermuth





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