1901 Models

Like their predecessors of 1890, the "1901 Models" do not have any variants but we find the same small mechanical inaccuracies mentioned before..


Principal characteristics of "1901 Models" :

  • Handle = wood fibres
  • Blade = steel
  • Closed length = 100mm
  • Thickness = 20.5mm
  • Weight = 144gm
  • No vintage stamped on the blade (this only appeared in 1921).
  • A simple Swiss Cross stamp on the handle representing the “Waffenkontrolle”, (same inaccuracies for position and direction as on previous models).


Features of "1901 Models" :

  • It is the second generation of the Swiss Army soldier’s knife.
  • It is similar in all respects to the "1890 models" except for the material of the handle.


 1901 ModelWaffenkontrolle (1901 to 1907)









Note that the same “Waffenkontrolle” stamp was in force from 1890 to 1914.


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