1961 Models “Waffenkontrolle”

The types A, B and CWK” control stamps are always located at the centre of a large Swiss cross and engraved on the metal side of the handle. This specific type of mark is reserved for category 1 and 2 knives, and replaces the screen-printed Swiss Cross on the categories 3, 4 and 5 (also on some civilian "Alox" knives).

Note that from 1988, the "WK" stamp disappears at the same time as the acceptance test.


"Waffenkontrolle" Stamps
Waffenkontrolle stamp or no stamp
1962-1978 1964-1972 1971-1978 1977-1988 1977-1993 1988-2008
(vertical) (vertical) (Horizontal) (vertical) missing without

The design of the stamps A, B and C was the same from 1915 to 1978. Sometimes the "Type C" stamp is inverted (180° rotation).


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